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Best Twitch Extensions and Plugins

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We reviewed the top current Twitch extensions and plugins for everything you might need. Using this list of helpful tools will give you a big leg up on the competition and improve your channel, music, and organization.

How Many Extensions Can You Use?

Twitch streamers can use up to 6 extensions on their channel. Of these 6, streamers are limited to 2 components, 1 overlay, and 3-panel extensions. Here is how each type operates:

  • Components – component extensions are a part of the video (such as closed captioning), but they can be hidden by the viewer at any point.
  • Overlay – an overlay extension will appear over the video in a transparent way.
  • Panels – panel extensions will be shown in your Twitch about me section. These can be anything from schedules to affiliate marketing to mini-games.

Types of Twitch Extensions

Twitch categorizes its extensions in the following categories: viewer engagement, loyalty and recognition, games in extensions, extensions for games, schedule and countdowns, streamer tools, polling and voting, and music. As you can search those databases as-is, we added a few additional categories to our list to make it easier for you to find what you need:

Top 10 Twitch Extensions 

We based our list of extensions on the value they can bring to your channel. As a streamer, it is your task to keep your audience entertained and engaged while marketing yourself for donations or potential sponsorships. The following extensions help you achieve both in a variety of ways:

Streamlabs ToolStreamlabsYesOverlayLink
Stream AvatarsStreamAvatars.comYesComp, PanelLink
Crowd ControlWarp World, IncYesOverlayLink
Amazon BlacksmithAmazonYesComp, Panel, OverLink
StreamLegendsProletariat IncNoOver, PanelOver, Panel
Sound Alerts WidgetSoundAlerts.comYesComp, PanelLink
Stream Closed CaptionerTalk2megoosemanYesOver, PanelLink
Prime Sub and Loot ReminderPrime GamingYesComp, OverlayLink
Exclusive Content for SubscribersDavekissYesPanelLink
Streamlabs LeaderboardStreamlabsNoPanelLink

Streamlabs All-in-One Tool

Streamlabs has been responsible for many different tools including producing two of the best streaming software in SLOBS and Melon. Many streamers have utilized their cloudbot to moderate their streams and keep their viewers entertained.

In addition to the above, Streamlabs also has two multi-tooled extensions (they are essentially the same except that one requires bits to use) that offer a variety of options that encourage viewer engagement, including mini-games, giving them information about giveaways, polls, and allowing them to redeem channel points.

As you can only choose a total of 6 extensions for your channel, having one that does so much allows you to prioritize your other spots for other tools that excite your viewers.

Stream Avatars

stream avatars example

Stream Avatars is an extension that shows up at the bottom of your screen while you stream. Your followers and subscribers can choose their character and interact on your stream by doing actions or even battling each other. Want further customization? You can upload your own pixel art characters for your viewers to use.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control allows viewers to interact with you through sending you help or challenges in your game if they pay bits. There are over a dozen supported games and you can set the prices for each feature. You do share the bits you earn with the developer.

Amazon Blacksmith

Amazon Blacksmith is an extension for your profile that displays products sold by Amazon. You dictate which items are displayed and you receive a commission off of anything purchased by your viewers.


StreamLegends is a viewer interactive game that they can play while you stream. Your entire community is turned into a guild and each player can work together to build a town.

SoundAlerts Widget

SoundAlerts Widget is an extension that allows your viewers to pay bits to play specific sounds on your stream. You can set prices for your own sounds or available clips uploaded by other users. Bit revenue is split between the streamer and the widget developer.

Stream Closed Captioner

Many Twitch viewers are hard of hearing and have to strain to hear what’s going on during the stream. Stream Closed Captioner is an extension that allows your viewers to read what you’re saying live. While it isn’t perfect (just as most automated captioners), it is fairly accurate and has helped many viewers enjoy the platform more.

Prime Sub and Loot Reminder

The Prime Sub and Loot Reminder extension is an overlay that sits on the side of your screen that notifies viewers that have a free prime subscription. This notification is sometimes all it takes for people to use their prime on your channel, allowing you to earn from them.

Exclusive Content for Subscribers

The Exclusive Content for Subscribers extension is exactly how it sounds. It allows you to set up a Twitch panel that only your subs can see. You can upload custom content or create it with their content builder. Content can even include videos or images and could potentially be used to grow other social platforms.

Streamlabs Leaderboard

Most streamers remain amazed by the support they receive from random strangers who love their content and join their community. The Streamlabs Leaderboard is a way that you can celebrate your followers and subs by showing a list of those who have supported your channel the most.

Twitch Extensions for Games

There are several Twitch extensions that were created to integrate with specific games. These widgets can do anything from add mobs to your game to set up polls for what you should do next. These are typically created for many of the most popular games to stream on Twitch.

Borderlands 3 ECHOcast ExtensionGearbox NoneOverlayLink
Crowd ControlWarp World, IncYesOverlayLink
Destiny 2 Armory OverlayGrab GamesNoneOverlayLink
Dota 2 TrackeriamtopikNonePanelLink
Hearthstone Deck TrackerHearthSimNoneOverlayLink
Legends of Runeterra Deck TrackerMobalytics.ggNoneOverlayLink
OP.GG for League of LegendsOP.GGNoneOverlayLink
Path of Exile - ArmoryGrinding Gear GamesNoneOverlayLink
Twitch Sings InteractionTwitchNoneOverlayLink
World of Warcraft ArmoryLayerAppsNoneComp, PanelLink
WOW M+IternrdNonePanelLink

Mini-Game Twitch Extensions

These extensions offer mini games for you Twitch chat to play while they watch you stream. Some may take place in your chat, others may be seen your screen, while others will be in your Panels.

Dragon Petsdragon-pets.comYesPanelLink
Stream AvatarsStreamAvatars.comBitsComp, PanelLink
Stream MinigamesSengage, LLCNoneOverlayLink

Viewer Engagement Twitch Extensions

These extensions were created to encourage viewer engagement. One of the best ways to get new people to stay and join your community is to get them to engage with your chat or with something else within your stream. Any chance you get to help people interact with you or your stream should produce good results over time.

Say It LiveHype NetworkBitsLink
Stream StickersTurbo HypeNoneLink

Social Media Twitch Extensions

Growing your social accounts alongside your Twitch account is a solid strategy. Many Twitch sponsors will not only look at the quality of your content, but they’ll also look at your reach, keeping in mind your Twitch subs as well as your social media following. These extensions will help showcase your social accounts so that your viewers can follow you elsewhere.

Twitter TimelineFlightyNoPanelLink
My InstagramHype NetworkNoPanelLink
Instagram FeedPixelsGaming.comNoPanelLink

Song and Sounds Twitch Extensions

Integrating sounds and music for Twitch is a good way to keep people excited about your stream. Here are some sound extensions on Twitch:

BlerpBlerp IncYesComp, PanelLink
Sound AlertsSoundAlerts.comYesComp, PanelLink
Spotify Now PlayingvaverixNoPanelLink
Spotify Recently PlayedSpotifyNoPanelLink

Graphics and Emotes Twitch Extensions

Want to keep track of which Twitch emotes show up in your chat the most? There is an extension for that! And so much more.

Emotes ShowcasefreaktechnikNoneLink
OWN3D Design PanelsOwn3dNoneLink
Xeke's Affiliate Emote PanelXekeDeathNoneLink

Polling and Voting Extensions

Asking your viewers to participate in polls or vote for things will get them involved while understanding them a bit more. Whether you use polls to determine your next step in a game or just want to know more about your viewers, here are some extensions that can help:

Pick My Battles!CVS-Gaming.nlYesOverlayLink
PollingMuxy, IncNoOverlayLink
Suggestion BoxGuanzoYesComp, PanelLink
Twitch PicksAmazon Game StudiosYesComp, PanelLink
Vote to PlayguanzoNoOverlayLink

Merch Twitch Extensions

Personalized merch is a good way to earn a little extra money from your loyal subs and supporters. Many communities ask for merch even before the streamer has set it up for themselves. There are many places you can create custom merch that is made per order, eliminating the need to purchase in bulk. The following extensions will help showcase your merch for your stream.

Amazon BlacksmithAmazonYesComp, Panel, OverLink
Design By Hümans Merch StoreDoubly, IncYesPanelLink
My WishlistHype NetworkYesPanelLink
Streamlabs Merch StoreStreamlabsYesPanelLink
Teespring Merch StoreTeespringYesPanelLink

Twitch Follower and Sub Extensions

Celebrating your followers and subs is a great way to continually build community. These extensions were specifically created to give benefits to your new and loyal supporters.

Extension DeveloperMonetizationTypeLink
Dynamic Follow ButtonsNoah ManneschmidtNoComp, Panel, OverLink
Exclusive Content for SubscribersDavekissYesPanelLink

Latest Followers

CasperrNoComp, PanelLink

Prime Subscription & Loot Reminder

Prime GamingYesComp, OverlayLink
StreamElements LeaderboardsStreamElementsNoPanelLink
Streamlabs LeaderboardStreamlabsNoPanelLink

Subscription Gifting Leaderboard

Viewer GeolocationCommanderRootNoPanelLink
WizeBot LeaderboardWizeBot, IncNoPanelLink

Stream Schedule Extensions

While Twitch now has an in-built scheduling feature, many viewers are still used to looking in your about me section when determining when you will stream next. Whether you are making it easier for them or don’t want to set up your Twitch schedule week by week, here are some of the best scheduling extensions on Twitch:


Calendar Synched Stream Event Scheduler


Schedule with Google Calendar

Stream Schedule & CountdownStreamlabsNoPanelLink
Weekly ScheduleNonlinearGeneticsNoPanelLink

Miscellaneous Extensions

There are many extensions for Twitch that don’t fall under the categories above. The following is a list of the best. Whether you want to host a charity stream or need a multi-tool that does many things, one of these tools may be the best one for you.

Extra Life Charity FundraisingDonorDriveNonePanelLink
Featured ChannelsFURIOUSNoneComp, Panel, OverLink
Stream Closed CaptionerTalktomegoosemanYes Over, PanelLink
Streamlabs ExtensionStreamlabsNoOverlayLink
Streamlabs Extension (Bits)StreamlabsYesOverlayLink
Top ClipLuckyNoS7evinNonePanelLink

Why You Should Use Twitch Extensions

It is essential that you entertain and interact with your viewers in order to grow or monetize your channel. One way to do this is by engaging with them through interactive extensions. Whether it is through having them interact with your game, playing side games, or setting up challenges for you, their interaction can lead to a very successful broadcast. 

Extensions can also be used as valuable tools that celebrate your viewership (such as leaderboards), let people know when you are streaming, or give you further monetization strategies to your stream. You can set up Affiliate links or use an extension that requires your viewers to sub or use bits to interact with it.

This resource will cover the best widgets, plugins, and extras for Twitch that will help you add value to your channel and keep your viewers engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Extensions on Twitch?

Twitch extensions are apps that allow viewers or streamers to interact with the stream. These may include information about leaderboard, mini-games, or affiliate program information.

How Do I Get An Extension on Twitch?

You can find extensions for Twitch from the extensions manager on your Dashboard. Click on the menu icon in the top left-hand side of the screen to choose extensions and go to the Discovery tab.

Are Twitch Extensions Free?

Many Twitch extensions are free to install. The most common way any of them are monetized is by taking a share of the bits that were used when viewers interacted with the stream.

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