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75 Most Used Twitch Emotes – Meaning & Origin

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Every second, thousands of emotes are used across Twitch, conveying several emotions and thoughts as users interact with each other. With so many emotes, it can be overwhelming for a newcomer to understand even the most popular Twitch emotes.

While the platform periodically adds new emojis to compete with the most used Twitch emotes, many Twitch users download the extension BTTV. This third-party platform gives users a wider range of options when deciding which emote to choose.

To help integrate you into the community, we have listed 75 of the most popular Twitch emotes that are used on the platform each day. While some can only be seen with the BTTV extension, understanding the meaning behind these will help you dive deeper into Twitch culture. You can also use this list to see the name of each emoji based on the image.

Top Twitch Emotes

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Frequently Asked Questions

trihard lul heart
According to StreamElements.

At the time of this writing, TriHard was the most used Twitch emote, by nearly half a billion usages. LUL and the Twitch heart emote came in second and third with an approximate 75 million usage difference.

What is Twitch Lingo?

Twitch lingo is the term for the language and emotes that surround Twitch culture. They are words that were born from the streaming platform and continue to be used and understand casually on a daily basis. Terms include the names of emotes or words like malding.

How do I use Twitch Emotes?

While you can generally learn how to use Twitch emotes just from spending time on Twitch and learning about the contextually. You can also look up the meanings of most of the popular emotes on this page so that you can use them with confidence.

Who are the Twitch Emotes?

Many of the Twitch emotes are based on Twitch streamers or Twitch staff. Examples include Kappa, HeyGuys, and PRChase for Twitch staff and PogChamp, MingLee, and KKona for streamers.

What Makes a Good Twitch Emote?

Twitch emotes get popular where there is a clear intention for how they are used. For example, LUL is often used when people are laughing, Kappa is used when people are being sarcastic or joking, and HeyGuys is used when people are saying hello.

How Do I Use BetterTTV Emotes?

To see and use BetterTTV emotes on Twitch, you will need to install the BTTV plugin on your browser. At that point, all you will need to do is type in the text relating to the emote in chat and the emote will be displayed alongside other popular Twitch global emotes.

What Types of Twitch Emotes are Seen on Twitch?

There are several types of Twitch emotes that you can use on Twitch. Here are just a few of them:

  • Global Emotes – the Twitch global emotes include Kappa, PogChamp, TheThing and other emotes that have been released by Twitch in celebration of the platform and the gaming community as a whole.
  • Basic Twitch Emotes – these include the robot emotes, the monkey emotes, and the general face emotes that are used every day. They are similar to basic emojis found on other platforms.
  • Channel Emotes – these emotes are uploaded by Twitch affiliates and partners. To use these emotes, you will need to subscribe to their channel.
  • Prime/Turbo Emotes – you will receive some special emotes if you subscribe to Twitch subscriptions, such as Twitch Turbo or Twitch Prime.
  • FrankerFaceZ/BTTV – you can also see and use FrankerFaceZ and/or BTTV emotes if you add their extensions to your browser.

What is Emote Short For?

When used to describe emoji or small images used in text, the word emote is short for the word emoticon.

How Many Twitch Emotes Are There?

As new emotes are being added everyday by the thousands of Partnered and Affiliate streamers on Twitch, the exact number of emotes on the platform is impossible for the naked eye to track, especially if you include global emotes, BTTV emotes, and FrankerFaceZ emotes.

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