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We partner with quality brands who work with streamers and create products to meet their needs.


Graphics and Alerts

As a group of streamers, we’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to graphics providers. We frequently work with both Own3D and Nerd or Die for our graphics. Both companies create high-quality designs that elevate channels on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

OWN3D – Ideal for Fast Action Streams

Own3D works with qualified designers whose primary aim is to create products that help your stream stand out to viewers. A lot of their graphics primarily appeal to those who play games in the fast-action/FPS genres. A professional-looking channel boosts your growth and puts you on the right track for getting more followers and subs.

Own3D produces many digital products, most of which can come in discounted packages. These include:

  • Overlays
  • Panels
  • Stream alerts (static and animated)
  • Animated stream transitions
  • Sub Emotes
  • Starting, Pause, and Ending Screens (both static and animated)

Own3D is currently running 50% off all products with the coupon code: 2K22 to celebrate the New Year.

Nerd or Die – Our Pick for Variety and Just Chatting

Nerd or Die has a broad range of graphics that are built specifically for mass appeal. Most of their products come in multiple styles, allowing for plenty of customization to get something that fits your channel perfectly. Their products are excellent value for money and we highly recommend their full stream packages to streamers who are just starting out. We have found that streamers who play variety games or enjoy the just chatting category prefer these graphics.

Nerd or Die produces the following graphics:

  • Twitch overlays
  • Twitch panels
  • Stream alerts (static and animated)
  • Sound effects
  • Looping backgrounds
  • Stream transitions
  • Stream Deck key icons

Website Resources

Our friends over at StreamWeasels create WordPress themes and plugins specifically with Twitch streamers in mind. Their themes and plugins pull from Twitch’s Helix API, allowing you to seamlessly integrate information about your channel onto your website, including:

  • Your status (whether you are online or offline)
  • The game you are playing
  • Your current viewer count

Their themes and plug-ins are easy to use and you can see how it will look as you put it up on your site, allowing you to make quick adjustments that fit it into your brand. Streamweasels’ themes and plugins are mobile-friendly, allowing your viewers to access your page from any device. 

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