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Why Music is a Must-Have for Successful Twitch Streams

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Music has been a huge part of essentially all of human history. From songs of celebration and worship in ancient cultures to the early symphonies of modern civilization, the country music of the wild west to today's worldwide streaming services, music has shaped society in a multitude of ways. So it should come as no surprise that including music content in your live stream is practically a necessity.

In this article, we will cover why music is a must-have for successful Twitch streams, as well as a few ways to enhance your live video streaming with the best music services available on the internet.

The Importance of Music In Content

Many people have music playing at almost any given point in their daily lives, such as doing chores around the house or hanging with friends by the pool. Often you’ll see people wearing headphones while running or working out. And these examples don’t even include going to live gigs or someone playing guitar around a campfire.

Music is an important part of just about everything we do, and streaming is no exception. A Twitch stream can produce amazing content but still feel a bit stale and boring without the inclusion of music. Some studies have shown that adding background music can even increase a viewer’s concentration while watching your content.

The type of music you use on your stream is also pretty important. Of course, if your stream is focused around live music performances, you’ve effectively solved the issue of music choice as your audience is there to listen to the original music of the performing artists.

However, if your stream is focused on something like gaming, you will want to add music to help keep your audience engaged. This is where music choice comes into play. As a new streamer, your music will set the tone for new viewers. The music you play will develop what kind of fan base you attract.

How to Play Music To Enrich Your Live Stream

As mentioned above, your music choice will dramatically affect the growth of your Twitch Channel. If you build an audience around your choice of electronic music and suddenly switch to rock or hip-hop, you may find that your number of viewers will decrease.

A great way to avoid this problem is to let your viewers request songs. This will both ensure that they enjoy the music being played, as well as increase engagement and make them feel more connected to your stream. Ultimately, creating amazing content comes down to playing the right music for your stream rather than your favorite music.

Royalty-Free Music

If you choose to stream music on Twitch, you will need to be careful about playing copyrighted music. Over the years, musicians and music producers have been careful to protect the music they own with laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA essentially makes many options for streaming music, like YouTube or your own collection, susceptible to copyright infringement lawsuits from someone in the music industry.

There are a few great options for Twitch royalty-free music out there. These services will require an internet connection and possibly a subscription fee to use, but this is far better than dealing with legal action.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a Royalty free music service that is perfect for live video streaming on Twitch and other platforms.

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There are a number of different subscriptions for both personal and commercial use. The basic package at $15 a month ($9/month if paying for a full year).

An Epidemic subscription will give you unlimited access to all of the tracks they offer for use on any social media or streaming. With access to 40,000 songs and over 90,000 effects, Epidemic is guaranteed to have the music you are looking for.

Simply search through their extensive library to find what you need, and soon your loyal fanbase will be the envy of other streamers.

Epidemic offers a 30-day free trial that you can cancel at any time to see if their service fits the needs of your stream content.


Of course, music is really only a part of the battle when trying to create a successful stream. You’ll need a good camera and a good connection to the internet for your content to be enjoyable, but an awesome soundtrack for your chat room to enjoy is a great start.

Making use of the cost-effective options for royalty-free music can help you to start growing and raking in that ad revenue.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your favorite streaming platform and start building a community that can take you to one of the most popular channels in the world!

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