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How to Join a Streamer House

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In the past few years, streaming has risen in popularity at an alarming rate. And honestly, it makes sense. People want to be famous, and there has been practically nothing else a regular person can do to become well-known so quickly.

But what’s the best way to get started? How can someone gain the notoriety they need to be a successful streamer?

One great way to build a following to is join a streamer house. If this seems like something you want to do to really kick-start your streaming career, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

From what a streamer house is and how to join one to the benefits that entering a streamer house can have on your career, this article will answer the questions you have.

What is a Streamer House?

A streamer house is a place where a group of streamers live, creating content and growing their streams. They often stream for many hours a day (and night), giving viewers an intimate view of their lives. Common spaces like the living room and kitchen may be set up for full-time streaming, allowing streamers to create content for fans to watch and enjoy constantly.

Typically the streamers will have something in common that they can use to draw viewers in. Getting people interested in watching the live feed from a streamer house is much easier with a hook. This will give the house’s live streaming some brand identity.

How streamers interact in a streamer house is very important for building an audience. The members of the house basically build off each other, either through streaming related topics, co-streaming a new project, or participating in each other streams.

Streamer interaction also comes into play when friends or guests are invited over. A larger gathering can be the basis for a cool streamed event.

A streamer house that can maintain a good connection between the streamers will create more quality content and will have a distinct advantage over another streamer team that can’t coexist as well.

Where to Find A Streamer House

The popularity of streaming house content has grown recently and will probably get even more popular in the future. This has created an environment where streamer house teams are regularly put together.


When looking for a streamer house, try to find one that fits your personality. Getting along with your fellow streamers is essential to the team’s success. Check for listings on popular forums and sites that are based on the content you create.

Other Streamers

Joining or starting a streamer house is usually done through connections with other streamers. Make friends in the streaming community and ask for information about streamer houses looking for new members for their team.


If you are flexible about where the house is located, you will have more options when looking for a streamer house. While a streamer house can technically be almost anywhere worldwide, it’s best to look for listings in popular areas for streamers to live. Usually, this means major cities where content creators have access to brands, followers, and events.

Requirements to Join a Streamer House

The requirements to join a specific streamer house will vary based on the content the streamers produce. For example, a house built around gaming may require streamers to play games together.

Joining a streamer house is effectively the same as going into business with these other streamers. An interview to join will be similar to a job interview at a company. When meeting with a potential group, be clear about your streaming background and goals. Ask about any specific details you may be required to follow.

Often streamer houses will get support from companies to help fund their live streaming through ads and other compensation. These businesses will have their own idea about the content they support and want to protect that brand identity.

Some streamer houses may also have a contract with a specific streaming platform. This will require you to stream only on that site. If you have spent time building a following on Twitch TV and now can only stream on YouTube, making that switch can be a little hard.

In the end, while a streamer house may want to add new faces to their team lineup, it is best to go with popular up-and-coming streamers rather than someone new. So the hardest-to-fill requirement to join may be an applicant reaching a decent level of notoriety before they even consider them.

Benefits of Being in a Streamer House

The benefits can be enormous if you can find a streamer house that works for you. The increase in reach by having other streamers interacting with your live stream and more people to create with can really increase the viewers for your stream and video content.


Other streamers may also have amazing ideas that can help increase the quality of the content on your channel as well. Asking for feedback on the best way to edit a particular video or some other technical aspects can help you learn techniques you otherwise wouldn’t have figured out independently.


Having the backing of a larger company can also offer some great perks. One of the most prominent features is obviously having a stable place to broadcast from. Having access to guaranteed internet access and housemates who know you will be streaming can be incredibly beneficial. This environment is much more conducive to streaming than other living situations.


Another huge reason to join a streamer house is the possibility of more stable pay. The internet’s attention span is often limited and can lead to your personal channel sometimes not getting the views you need. But the backing of a brand, along with the support of the house streaming channel, can make income less of a worry.

Well-Known Streamer Houses

There are quite a few smaller streaming houses out there. Some of these include very popular streamers, like xQc, who used to live in a streamer house based in Texas.

However, few have made it to a level of popularity that their house channel has become as well known as the individuals who are a part of it.

Below are two of the most influential streaming houses to exist.

Offline TV

Easily the most successful streamer house to date. Founded by popular streamers Scarra and Pokimane in 2017, today, the team includes such names as Disguised Toast, LilyPichu, and YouTuber Michael Reeves.

Offline TV has over 3 million subscribers on their YouTube page, and their Twitter account has almost 1 million followers.

Their continued success is due to their variety of content and uploads nearly once a week. Much like other streaming houses, many members join and leave over time, which keeps content fresh.

Offline TV
Offline TV


The story of StreamerHouse is one of the internet’s most exciting tales. The idea behind StreamerHouse was to have a live stream constantly going, cycling members out throughout the day and night to create a never-ending stream of content.

This is the oldest and longest-running stream in the industry. Initially launched in the summer of 2013, StreamerHouse reached its highest levels of popularity during GTA 5 and continues to broadcast content from various games.

StreamerHouse has been live streaming for almost 3500 days since spring 2023 and shows no signs of stopping.



Streamer houses can be an incredible way to realize the potential of your streaming career fully. Successful live streaming is all about broadening your reach, and while interacting with chat and self-promotion will help, sometimes it’s not enough. Your big break may merely be a matter of support from other like-minded individuals.

So, if joining a streamer house seems like a good choice, look around for recruiting houses and contact them with information detailing what you can offer to the team. And while you may have to wait a while to find the right fit for you, hopefully, a tip or two from this article will help you find what you are looking for.

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